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Chile - Wiktionary Mar 18, 2020 · Chile n (genitive Chiles) Chile (a country in South America) Derived terms . Chilene; chilenisch How do Chileans prounounce Chile? (country, people ... May 28, 2016 · Someone recently said that the pronunciation is more like "ChiLay" with an "ay" sound at the end. As cholo57 pointed out, "Chile" is pronounced something like "Chilay", but not only by Chileans, but by every Spanish speaker. In fact, that final vowel doesn't exist … CHILE | Pronunciation in English

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Chili, Chilli, and Chile: Explaining the Difference ... The difference between chili, chilli, and chile, is usually a matter of location. In American English, 'chili' is the most common spelling for the spicy peppers as well as the stew and hotdog topping. In British English the preferred spelling is 'chilli.' In Spanish speaking countries and regions of the US, 'chile' is the most common variant. How do you pronounce "Chile"? | Yahoo Answers Aug 05, 2008 · depends upon where you are from or where you are. in the country of chile, it's pronounced "chee-lay." other than that, different people pronounce it different ways depending upon where they are from. sort of like some people pronounce "Iraq" as "eer-ock" and others "eye-rack."

Whether you are a politician, a passionate traveler, or just a map freak, you may want to know the names of counties and their capitals. But what about their pronunciation? Even some native English speakers have a hard time trying to read and pronounce foreign names. And yes, some of them are really confusing. Here we are trying to bridge this gap.

Chilean Spanish Pronunciation. One of the most difficult things for someone who has learnt Spanish at school or university and then end up in Chile is that they suddenly discover that they have no idea what people are saying. More than having different vocabulary, it is the speed in which things are spoken and how certain letters can be missing Does Chile have an accent over the "e"? | Yahoo Answers Mar 03, 2006 · I'm doing a poster on Chile and I need an answer fast!! Nope. The spice and the country are both pronounced Chi-LEE. Sometimes, when people want to say it in a cool way, they add an accent over the e, to pronounce it Chi-Lay. Mapuche language - Wikipedia

PronunciationEdit · IPA: /ˈt͡ʃɪl.i/; (US) IPA: /ˈt͡ʃiː.leɪ/; (General Proper nounEdit. Chile. A country in South America. Official name: Republic of Chile. While I come from Chile, my friend is from England, so I had to learn to speak English.

2 May 2019 Although it culminated in France taking control of the country and installing a The word comes from a Nahuatl word for “smoked chile pepper. 10 Jul 2011 ABOUT CHILI
Chile officially the Republic of Chile is a country
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; 9. Chile narrowly stretches along the southern half of the west coast of South America, between the Andes and the Pacific Ocean. It is an amazing country, from the  28 Jan 2016 The African country is a former French colony, so it gets the French approach – not "Nigel" with a different letter at the end. Samoa. Wrong: "Sa-  Countries and Capitals with Audio Pronunciation Even some native English speakers have a hard time trying to read and pronounce foreign Chile, Santiago. 30 Nov 2015 When I went to northern Chile in 1997 I used that pronunciation, and North American Chicago dialect but I've lived around the country. 5 Jul 2017 First of all, how do you pronounce the name of my country? For me, is just Chile not chilli, which sounds like chilli peppers for me, so even if the 

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21 Oct 2019 How members of America's two parties view the country – and its place in the Your political views can predict how you pronounce certain words “Iraq” as “ear -rock,” rather than “eye-rack”; “Chile” as “chee-lay,” rather than  12 Dec 2006 Augusto Pinochet, the former dictator of Chile, died on Sunday at the A high- class Chilean would probably pronounce the country's name as  1 Mar 2017 So, if the Chilean pronunciation of this previous phrase were to be us the different conjugations that each Spanish speaking country uses,  In this free lesson you'll learn the Korean words for a number of countries. Perfect your pronunciation of a number of countries in Korean using our voice Chile. 중국. chungkuk. China. 콜롬비아. kollombia. Colombia. 스페인. seupe-in. Spain. Further on in this lesson we will look at the pronunciation of these and more Spanish words. Chocolate - Chocolate; Chile - Chile / Red pepper; Chofer - Driver  Category:German pronunciation of names of countries. Language Template: Aussprache/countries File:De-Chile.ogg · File:GT Chile.ogg · File:De-China. ogg 

28 Jan 2016 The African country is a former French colony, so it gets the French approach – not "Nigel" with a different letter at the end. Samoa. Wrong: "Sa-